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Life happens when you least expect it. Thompson & Pollock Wealth will make sure you’re prepared when faced with unanticipated events that most of us deal with at some point. There are many different types of insurance and figuring it all out can be difficult.


We can help you choose the right products for your situation. Remember, insurance is not just about you; it’s about providing for your family and protecting your business – now and into the future.

Term Insurance

Term insurance provides specific payouts over a fixed period of time, or the ‘term’ of the insurance plan. If the insured dies during the term, a death benefit is paid to the named beneficiary.

Once the term is up, a new insurance agreement must be negotiated. Term Insurance is a great option for income replacement should an unexpected event occur.


Whole Life

Whole Life Insurance pays a fixed amount over the life of the insured as long as premiums are paid into the plan each year. It offers a cash-value and a death benefit and is a tool often used in estate planning.

Whole Life Insurance ensures you and your family will be financially protected both during your lifetime and after your death.


Universal Life

Universal Life Insurance allows you to protect yourself while investing the money from your premiums within the policy.


As you pay premiums, a cash value is associated with your policy and interest accrues.

You can later use the interest to pay your premiums if necessary, and as your circumstances change, you can often negotiate the terms of your policy.


Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance offers protection should you be diagnosed with an illness listed in the policy.


Most plans are structured to pay a lump sum to the insured, though in some cases regular payments could be made.


This type of insurance is a great option when you want to protect yourself against the unexpected illnesses that many of us get at some point in our lives.

5     Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is a type of protection that insures your working income if you are unable to fulfill your duties due to illness or disability.

Disability insurance will cover you for sick-leave pay as well as short- or long-term illness.

Not sure which investment options are right for you?

We'd love to help you get clear on how a combination of investment vehicles can help you reach your goals. 

Reach out and book an appointment to discuss your options today!

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