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Expertise Meets Approachability: Your Partners in Success

Our team at Thompson & Pollock Wealth Inc. brings together years of experience in financial planning, specifically tailored for the unique needs of small businesses in the trades. We understand the challenges you face and the dreams you harbor. Our mission is to guide you through every step – from growing your business to securing your family's future.

Meet the Team

About Us

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Johnathan Pollock

Managing Partner

Small Business Advocate

Investment Representative

Amazon Best-Selling Author -

The Entrepreneur's Toolkit: A Practical And HOLISTIC GUIDE TO START AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS

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Johnathan Pollock is the Managing Partner at Thompson & Pollock Wealth Inc, an independent firm in Durham Region serving clients across Ontario and New Brunswick. He has been self-employed for over 15 years and loves supporting business owners. He grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs and has seen the highest highs and the lowest lows of what business ownership truly is. He has made it his mission to use tailored Financial Planning strategies to help protect his clients from the lows and get them to the highs as soon as possible. One of the truly rewarding aspects of his job is watching and helping his clients grow their businesses over the years.


He believes in working with a team of experts that truly understand how to support a business owner from start-up to large corporation. He loves seeing his clients' dreams become a reality. Johnathan and his team excel at using Advanced Insurance and Investing strategies to support business owners as their needs grow and change throughout their journey. They also pride themselves on having go-to experts for their clients in Succession and Estate Planning, Business Planning, Accounting, Investments, Insurance and Legal needs.


Johnathan believes in a well-rounded approach to building in overall wealth. He practices what he preaches by owning investment properties in addition to his own financial plan. He is always happy to share what he has learned from his own experience along the way.


Johnathan lives in Oshawa, ON with his wife and young son, daughter and their black Labrador retriever. He enjoys boating, golfing, snowboarding and mountain biking. He has a passion for music and used to DJ in a past life!


Johnathan is a self-employed financial security advisor, registered to sell Life and Health Insurance in Ontario and New Brunswick. He is also directly associated with The Canada Life Assurance Company (Canada Life).


He is the Founder and a Financial Security Advisor with Thompson & Pollock Wealth Inc. Thompson & Pollock Wealth Inc. is contracted with the Canada Life Insurance Company.


Matthew Brett

Matthew Brett is not just an office manager; he’s a catalyst for success in any team he joins. With a degree in Speech Communication from the University of Waterloo, he brings top-notch communication skills to our firm. His knack for both written and verbal expression has been honed through years of experience in people management, customer service, and team leadership.

Before joining Thompson & Pollock Wealth Inc., Matthew was the cornerstone employee at a startup where he built and managed a production line from the ground up. Leading a team of 60, he was instrumental in planning, production, and on-time delivery of a multitude of products. He also cultivated a robust company culture and consistently met strict regulatory standards, all of which propelled the startup's success.

At Sun Life Financial, Matthew worked specifically in Group Life and Disability. In roles that required meticulous attention to complex claims adjustments and customer service, he maintained a 100% accuracy rate on quality audits. Matthew demonstrated not just skill but also a genuine desire to provide fast and effective solutions to clients. His passion in helping others is evident in everything he does. 

Outside of the professional realm, Matthew is a black belt in Taekwondo and founded the first Olympic-style Taekwondo organization in the Peterborough area. His commitment to discipline, integrity, and personal growth mirror the values we hold dear at Thompson & Pollock Wealth Inc.

With Matthew on board, you’re not just getting an Office Manager, you’re gaining a dedicated and multi-talented member of your planning family.

Lara Ramos Headshot_edited.png

Lara Ramos

Meet Lara, our dedicated Assistant and Summer Intern, who brings a fresh perspective and keen intellect to Thompson & Pollock Wealth Inc. Currently attending Ivy Business School, she's already making her mark in the financial planning field.

Lara's not your average intern. She has a penchant for solving complex financial planning hurdles, often diving deep into case studies to find innovative solutions. She's passionate about the intricate puzzle that is financial planning, and her meticulous approach is an asset to our team and clients alike.

While she's with us for the summer full-time, Lara will continue to contribute part-time during the academic year. Her commitment doesn’t end there; Lara has ambitious plans to obtain her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in the future. Her ultimate goal is to assist in crafting comprehensive financial plans that help our clients grow their wealth and secure their future.

If you have the pleasure of working with Lara, you'll quickly discover that she is not just learning from us, but is also teaching us a thing or two, especially when it comes to modern financial planning techniques and approaches.

So, next time you’re in the office, don’t forget to say hi to Lara. She’s not just a future financial planner; she’s an integral part of your planning family here at Thompson & Pollock Wealth Inc.

Val St Germain Headshot_edited.png

Val St. Germain

Certified Financial Planner for incorporated business owners

Meet Val St. Germain, a seasoned CFP Planning Partner with a unique background that sets him apart. Before entering the world of financial planning, Val was a professional offensive lineman in the Canadian Football League. Over a remarkable 14-season career, he played for renowned teams like the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Edmonton Eskimos, Ottawa Renegades, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and Saskatchewan Roughriders. A multiple-time Division All-Star, Val brings the same level of tenacity and teamwork to financial planning that he did to the gridiron.

Just as he defended quarterbacks on the field, Val now defends our clients' financial futures. He excels in identifying opportunities for wealth growth and is steadfast in guiding families and businesses through intricate financial landscapes. Val's accolades in football, including being named a Division All-Star in 1998, 1999, and 2003, demonstrate his commitment to excellence—something that directly translates into the quality of service he provides.

Val’s transition from sports to finance wasn't a hail mary; it was a calculated move driven by his passion for strategizing and helping others. With him on your side, you’re not just getting financial advice; you're benefiting from a planner who understands the importance of a solid game plan and the dedication required to see it through.

Welcome Val St. Germain to your financial planning team and rest assured, you've got an all-star in your corner, both on and off the field.

Stephanie Stewart Headshot_edited.png

Stephanie Stewart

Advanced Case Consultant

High Net-Worth Insurance Planning

Canada Life

Say hello to Stephanie, your go-to expert for high-level life insurance solutions. With a focus on high net worth individuals, she specializes in crafting tailored insurance plans that not only protect assets but also enhance overall net worth and minimize taxation.

Since 2007, Stephanie has been a steadfast presence with Canada Life and its predecessor, Great-West Life. That's over a decade and a half of experience in navigating the complex realm of large life insurance cases. Her long tenure is a testament to her expertise and commitment to excellence in this highly specialized area.

What sets Stephanie apart is her mastery in the delicate art of balancing asset protection with wealth growth. She has a deep understanding of taxation and how to leverage insurance solutions to create tax-efficient estates. Her strategies often involve a blend of innovative and proven methods, all aimed at delivering the highest value to our clients.

When you work with Stephanie, you're not just getting a consultant—you're gaining a financial ally committed to enhancing your financial well-being for the long term. Trust Stephanie to bring you the best of what Canada Life has to offer, carefully calibrated to your specific needs.

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