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You've got a legacy to build & we want to help.

At Thompson & Pollock Wealth Inc., we help families plan, and we specialize in nurturing small businesses, with a keen focus on the Businesses in The Trades, and Real Estate Investors.


Our approach combines professional expertise with a refreshingly approachable and engaging experience. We're not just advisors; we're partners in building your wealth, attracting top talent, and building a legacy of generational wealth.

We're business owners, helping business owners.

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Celebrating Success: Award-Winning Financial Expertise & Bestselling Business Insights

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Amazon Bestseller: Expert Insights from Our Own Published Author, Johnathan Pollock.

The Entrepreneur's Toolkit: A Practical And HOLISTIC GUIDE TO START AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS


Investing without the expert advice and due diligence that comes along with professional services can feel a lot like gambling with your future. 


At Thompson & Pollock Wealth we eliminate the guesswork and help you make the financial choices that set you up for success.


Customizing the advice we give to help you reach your personal investment goals, we'll help you understand how to plan your investments for the medium and long-term, so you’ll have the funds you need to live life with comfort and security down the road.


Change happens when you least expect it, so it's best to prepare in advance.


Whether you receive an unexpected health diagnosis, there's a sudden change to a loved one's health, or you're just wanting a little peace of mind for whatever may come, Thompson & Pollock Wealth has insurance that helps set your mind at ease.


We'll help you choose the right products for your situation, and help you reassess as needed to ensure you're getting the coverage that suits you best. After all, insurance isn't just about you; it’s about providing for the people you love and protecting your assets – now and into the future.


Good businesses plan for the future, great businesses ensure that both you and your staff are covered during good times and bad - come what may.


At Thompson & Pollock Wealth we help you give your employees the security they deserve - whether that's with Group Insurance plans, Retirement Savings Plans, or both.


Not only will we help you design the benefit and pension solutions that match your company's values, but we'll also help you protect yourself and your people with financial products that just make sense.

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